Zoom meetings and leftovers

On Turkey Day my family and I had a zoom meeting hosted by my sister. I got to see my nephew’s other Grandma as well as his other Aunt and Uncle. It was the first time nephew’s Grandma ever got to interact with my daughter. She actually likes webcam sessions for the most part. She sat there looking at her and everybody else while she ate her breakfast (chocolate chip bagel) and got cream cheese all over her face. I told my nephew that I was very close to fixing the community building in Stardew Valley.

Pretty soon I’m going to have an Xbox Live account so that we can play Stardew Valley together once a week. I might even start playing Mindcraft with him. I might save up to get a Nintendo Switch so we can play Animal Crossing.

I’ve eaten so many Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches that I’m good until next year.

I really wished I could have visited my Grandma. Because of Covid I probably won’t be able to see her at Christmas either. At least I have my Aunt’s house to look forward too.

I should go find Lexi’s Christmas dress.

Author: Katie Lou

I want to turn the whole world on just for a moment.

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