I Don’t Want the “Woke” Version of You. Here’s Why.

I grew up in a very multi-cultured environment. There were times in high school were I would be in class and there would be more POC than white people. When you’re already accustomed to different nationalities, there’s nothing to “get woke” about. You will be subjected to racism and people who stand up against racism.

I just think “woke” culture is a phenomenon that was created by a bunch of attention whores on social media who now get paid millions to be attention whores. They’re not in it for social change, they just pretend to be because it’s making them rich.

There are brown people who are not okay having Lilly Signh represent them, and I don’t blame them.

There will always be -isms in any sort of civilized society. Mature people with a good head on their shoulders who were raised by their parents and not a TV, smart phone or iPad know this already.

This culture isn’t groundbreaking.

Social media addiction is what is ruining people. THAT is what people need to “get woke” to. Not this.

  • In light of Elliot Page’s coming out: I personally know some transgendered people. I’ve never seen or heard of any injustice towards them locally. They count too, it is just hard for me to always keep that in mind due to the fact that I do not know a lot of them personally. That doesn’t mean I am prejudice, I am just ignorant, plain and simple. It is ok to admit to being ignorant as long as you are willing to subject yourself to change.

Author: Katie Lou

I want to turn the whole world on just for a moment.

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