Katie joy : the poster woman of white privilege in 2021.

Yeah I said it. Got a problem with it? Bring it bitch.

Author: Katie Lou

I want to turn the whole world on just for a moment.

17 thoughts on “Katie joy : the poster woman of white privilege in 2021.”

    1. Get a fucking life for Christ’s sake. I’ve been around blogging for 20 years and I’ll be here for a long time coming. I film from those places because I’m not about to let anyone hear my kid in the background while I’m on camera, let alone anyone YELLING at my kid in the background while on camera. I don’t scare easily bitch, and I am not the one. Trust and believe.


    1. You’re too much of a pussy to say this as yourself and too lazy to get your ass up and try to meet a woman in person instead of sitting around chaturbate. The only girlfriends you’re ever going to get are your jerking-off hand and a bottle of lotion you fucking loser LMAO


  1. Why do you constantly reference tired ass Myspace, which didn’t even make it into current social media?



    1. Because I can. A lot of people on current social media started their careers on Myspace, not Youtube. A lot.

      Again, you have the comebacks of a toddler with brain damage.


  2. When you have to constantly talk how much of a good writer you are, how many blogs you’ve had…Well, I good writer does NOT have to tell people how good they are.


  3. The fact that you’re engaging with trolls is proof you’re thirsty for whatever attention you can manage to scrape together. I’ll leave you to your woeful existence.


    1. I am a troll and proud of it. I don’t troll to hurt people, I troll to get them to laugh and I troll to give bullies a taste of their own medicine. I’ll leave you alone to enjoy that stick you have shoved up your ass.


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