Skin Care Series: Asian Complexions

Korea has a booming skin care market. I myself have not tried Korean skin care products, but I am going to this month. I will most likely start with a beauty mask.

Asian countries for the most part have a humid climate. Those living in this part of the world are more prone to oily skin and acne. They are also more susceptible to sensitivity. Discoloration is also another factor for people of color, and the best way to help avoid this is to make sure to wear a reputable product that has a strong SPF. Keeping skin out of direct intense sunlight as much as possible also helps, as does retinol and chemical peels.

A product with 10% sulfur can help reoccurring breakouts.

Other active ingredients that help with acne are benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, the highest amounts being 2% and 2.5%, respectively.

When shopping for cleansers and toners, make sure to avoid anything with alcohol in it. The alcohol will dry your skin, but it will dry it too much. Your skin will try to compensate by producing even more oil, turning into a vicious circle. Cleansers with a more creamy texture that does not produce a lot of lather is ideal.

Witch hazel is a great toner (for everyone honestly) due to it’s astringent effects and naturally being alcohol free.

Best products for oily skin:

If Thayer’s Alcohol Free Astringents ever become discontinued, I will throw such a bitch-fit. This is the only thing that has kept my skin as clear as it can be while fighting monthly hormonal acne. I use the cucumber version because cucumber is a great ingredient in my constant battle against rosecea.

It is unlike any toner I have ever used. The cucumber makes this toner very refreshing and cools your skin off.

The best kind of moisturizer that compliments oily skin is any moisturizer in the form of a gel. Clinique makes a good gel moisturizer.

Author: Katie Lou

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