Dear Mr. Scorcese: “Content Cancer” has Infiltrated the Literary World as Well

There are some writers who do not deserve their high ranking in the NY Times best-seller category. These writers are considered “influencers” or “content creators”.

The only “content creator” books I have read are the first two books by Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. They are both honestly well-written books that are entertaining. “Miranda Sings” wrote a book for shits and giggles. The dearly departed “Grumpy Cat” had a book. I have heard that Franchesca Ramsey’s book is also well-written (I have no idea if hers has made any kind of list). Arin Hanson of “Game Grumps” has his own book out and from the live reading he gave a few months ago, I can tell it would be a book I would definitely be interested in at a younger age. Sometimes you get lucky and the content creator behind the book can actually write. That, unfortunately, does not ring true for the majority of content creators.

A lot of content creators write books simply because they can. They have the money to do it and a fan base already established to sell it.

The only real ace up my sleeve is the fact that my sister is a technical writer and will edit my book for free. She is also an excellent writer and I will be welcoming her suggestions as I construct the first draft.

This is the reason I started “Girls Who Wear Glasses” as a blog first and not a novel. I am desperate to get people reading again, even if this blog is the only thing they like to read recreationally. I of course, want to encourage them to read other authors, which is why I will be starting a book club this summer. Even if the book club consists of just me talking to myself about how much I like the book I chose, I am still going to review it, and I am still going to continue it every month. I want to start with my favorite book “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman. It is the one book that gave me my confidence back as a writer.

Even while my detractors try to convince me I should give up.

I may be a damaged individual, but I am in no way broken.

I always get back up for another round.

Author: Katie Lou

I want to turn the whole world on just for a moment.

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