So I’m Studying the Method of Writing

The first big step you have to take is to keep a journal to help you find your voice as a writer.

I’ve been blogging for 20+ years. Have I found my voice? Does any of my writing make other people think “that sounds like Katie” when they read it? I have no idea, personally.

When I was blogging on Myspace, someone took a photo of me and went around commenting blogs pretending to be me. They were pretending to be my voice. I’ve even had some of my comments on Myspace printed in an e-book somewhere on Amazon.

I don’t know if my writing has left a voice. I don’t know if I have left an imprint on the internet or on anyone.

I have been taking notes about method writing. I guess we’ll see what happens next. Maybe I’ll unlock something I didn’t know I had in me.

Author: Katie Lou

I want to turn the whole world on just for a moment.

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