Getting Healthy: Week One

I started ordering healthy groceries almost a month ago. My goal is to lose weight through dieting and then start adding exercise. I don’t want to hurt my joints when I have so much excess weight.

My diet so far:

  • Grilled white chicken breast (to add to salad)
  • salmon
  • kale salad (i’ve never had kale but i got the sweet kale salad mix)
  • hummus with pita chips
  • fresh fruit (grapes, bananas, apples)
  • berries
  • mixed frozen vegetables (as a side for salmon)
  • yogurt (mostly fat free)
  • granola (to add to yogurt)
  • oatmeal (the fruit and cream variety pack)
  • sweet potato fries
  • fat free or low-fat yogurt
  • granola (for my yogurt)
  • flavored seltzer instead of pepsi
  • flavored rice cakes (those are more for my daughter to have instead of chips)
  • pre-measured cheese/cracker/nuts/cold cuts and/or fruit/dried fruit snack packs

The only thing I need to change now is whole wheat bread instead of white bread. My dad usually buys cold cuts for sandwiches but he likes the white bread.

I still get treats, I can’t eat healthy 24/7 right now, but so far i’m pretty much on 80% healthy 20% treats diet.

What I need to work on is my binge eating. I am trying to binge with healthy foods instead of junk.

I am also doing my best to avoid fast food and food that is too processed.

I am not a big fan of green leafy vegetables but I am trying to make myself eat them because I have to.

I am doing this because I am showing signs of type 2 diabetes. My dad has it, and I don’t want it.

I’m going to work hard to change my diet around so that I don’t have to worry about taking medication for it.

If you would like to donate to help me with my groceries, feel free to use my cash app: $k8bbw. I have freelance work but it is not always as lucrative as I would like it to be. You can also support me on kofi on my twitter profile @batiekear.

I don’t make enough money through ads from this blog yet, so every bit helps.

Author: Katie Lou

I want to turn the whole world on just for a moment.

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