This is something I posted as a comment (discussing my mental illness)

This is a YouTube comment I left in someone’s comment section. It’s not proofread and it’s about my schizophrenia. My diagnosis is real unlike trisha paytas’s.

I am an actual schizo and every single time I started hearing voices, I went straight to the hospital.  The first time I went I was put on ambien (which causes blackouts) because my insomnia was so bad and my daughter s father was putting me through so much abuse I lost it on the MySpace blogs for the whole world to see and the people who I thought were my friends thought it would be fun to see if they could take it up a notch, make me feel more crazy. That’s when I realized that I was having actual auditory hallucinations and my family said my behavior was scaring them.  I had a brief moment of clarity and realized I had to be in a psyche ward NOW.  Lots of fucked up stuff happened while I  was in and out of the psyche ward trying to find a medication that would stop the voices. I finally found one in 2016 and I haven’t had voices since. My first move was to say “holy shit, I need to get off social media for a while so I can start dealing with this new normal” only to find out my so called MySpace friends were going around laughingly at what I was going through in my absence.  They went so far as to make a fake profile of me, steal my pictures and pretended to be me whenever they knew I was in the psyche ward. They tried to ruin my reputation because I have a real talent for writing and hoped that they could destroy my reputation because they were so fucking GREEN with envy.  They tried to move the drama to Facebook but by that time I was stable for the most part and REALLY FUCKING PISSED.i let them all have it. They tried to drag the drama on MySpace to Facebook and it didn’t work.  All they did was expose themselves as the pathetic jealous attention seeking sloths that they are. People tried to cancel me waaaay before cancel culture even existed. Guess what?  I’m still here, I make new connections and more fans as I go, and all they have are their circle jerks about how they were famous on the MySpace blogs for 15 minutes.  Most of those people are old enough to be tana mogeou s grandparents by now.   The thirst for being famous for doing practically nothing is ruining not just people but kids and whole families.  I thought the attention whoring was bad back then, now that attention whoring can be monitized thanks to the Kardashian’s et all so many ppl want to quit their 9-5 and be an I fluencer. Thanks for nothing Logan paul.

Author: Katie Lou

I want to turn the whole world on just for a moment.

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