Amy Schumer: the White Carlos Mencia

I caught Franchesca Ramsey rationalize Amy Schumer’s joke stealing a while ago and it’s been bugging me ever since. She steals jokes but she works her ass off, so she’s absolved? You’re a champion against the corruption of civil rights but this form of corruption is fine as long as you work really hard to get that material that doesn’t belong to you out to the masses via touring? Sorry honey, but as someone who speaks from experience, joke stealing is joke stealing.

I actually had a comedian comment on a Myspace blog post that they were going to use a quip of mine or a joke I cracked in their material. I made a joke at the expense of Idubbbztv and watched it get stolen via Reddit an hour after I tweeted it.

I don’t really get a lot of copy cats when it comes to my material, probably because of the fact that I’m not afraid to confront anyone who steals my work. I haven’t been blogging for 20+ years and done all of the other forms of writing I have submitted out into the universe just to have my craft hijacked. I am not even the fastest quipster out there anyway. I’m the quiet girl at a party who hardly interacts then winds up making a crack, a comment or a clap back loud enough for someone to hear it and start laughing. I am no stand up comic. I just like to interject comedy into my every day life because I genuinely like to make people laugh (when I’m in a good mood that is). You kind of have to put me under serveillance in order to catch something really funny from me. People with short attention spans normally get tired of me.

I take it in stride. I can always make new friends and aquaintances wherever I go. I just don’t appreciate getting ripped off as I go.


I’m not normally into Opie and Anthony knock-offs, but I have been watching this channel called “Revenge of the Cis”. I have dealt with guys like this, big mouths who have the perfect faces for radio, but that doesn’t mean I want them to shut up. I call myself and other women “bitches” (mostly myself more than anything) a lot so I don’t really have the right to get offended about that. I get annoyed with guys who can dish it out to females but act butthurt when a woman can clap back. They have to be able to make fun of themselves just as much as they make fun of other people. This show has guys who aren’t above making fun of each other, so it’s a lot easier to deal with than a lot of other guys I have seen on Youtube or just guys trying to be influencers or internet famous in general. I also love anybody in general who isn’t scared to call out someone else as a joke thief. Lord knows I have dealt with my fare share of people using my material or premises.

As long as a guy doesn’t cry about the fact that I’m a ball buster, I don’t really have much of a problem with them. There are a lot of thin-skinned edge lords out there, unfortunately. Apparently it can be emasculating for a guy to deal with a woman who can bust his balls effectively. There is even more butthurt if the ball busting happens in front of other guys. It doesn’t worry me much. I have enough guy friends who are not hypocrites when it comes to the banter, so I just mostly sit back and watch and/or listen a guy wants to play the “women are inferior” card when it comes to comedy.

Big Brother is Watching But the Youth Are Not Reading

Do kids these days even know where Big Brother comes from, or more to the point, that Big Brother is not that far off nowadays to becoming real?

What with the selling of private information, government surveillance, and young people going to college being taught that political correctness expands free speech, how far off are we really? How far off is this political correctness from becoming new and/or double speak? Is anybody going to address the elephant in the room? Most people who are pushing for this “political correctness” are worth at least a million. Why should I, someone below the poverty level, listen to the newly rich preach to me about injustice?

What are the youth going to turn into in the age of social media addiction?

I can only speak for myself, but this is what I grew up to:

#StephenBear Does Not Get to Play the Mental Health Card

As someone with an actual diagnosis, Stephen Bear does NOT get to play the mental illness card here. At no point in my life before or after my diagnosis would I ever think it would be OK to leak revenge porn. I literally have heard voices clear as day (I have not had hallucinations since 2016), at no point have I ever been racist or decided it would be a good idea to post a sex tape to only fans and make thousands of dollars off of such an intimate moment without the consent of the other person (or persons-what can I say, I was wild in my 20’s).

I am so beyond fed up with hearing “they obviously need help” when a person does something really shitty. Morals and ethics have nothing to do with one’s mental health. You are taught morals and ethics just like you can only be taught to be racist or sexist or abelist etc. You either have been taught or you taught yourself.

Having said that, I want to include some links that would be helpful to people with a mental illness or anyone who feels they’re going to lose it because of covid:

Remote Learning So Far

Yesterday Lexi cried a few minutes before her first class was over, but since then she hasn’t cried at all. She really misses her friends and teachers. I’ve said it a million times: I can’t believe my kid of all kids is popular. I was known by people I grew up with, but I was never popular because to this day I hang out with all different kinds of people and I am much more of a loner than my daughter is. It isn’t like I have no friends, but I like my independence, especially now that I am a single mom with skitzoaffective disorder with a kid who has nonverbal Autism.

Today’s teaching went well: she managed to do three classes without getting upset or wanting to leave. We took a walk for gym class and I got her some new crayons since I can’t seem to find a box around the house that has every basic color. The fact that she’s sitting with me when we have to color and doesn’t run away is a big improvement.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my daughter the past six weeks or so. I really need to struggle snuggle with somebody and usually at some point in every day Lexi has been cuddling with me. I guess that’s a big reason why I don’t really miss having a boyfriend: I already have someone to cuddle with all of the time. It’s her way of telling me she loves me.

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