It’s all just a way to forget

I have been working hard to find places I can get published, where I can earn some extra money from my writing.

I work because I want a nest egg for myself somewhere down the line.

Lately I mostly work to keep my mind off of my 100 year old grandmother (about to be 101 this July) who is getting more frail by the day even though her constitution is as strong as ever. I miss my grandmother and I didn’t get to see her on her 100th birthday. I might not get to see her on her 101st.

Please let me see her when she hits 101. I think that all of the time.

More Isolation

A kid in my daughter’s school apparently tested positive for Covid, and my daughter was in contact with them, so she will be home schooled until February 19th. I have some big topics I want to write about but it might take me a little longer to do all the research and then write a draft and then a final copy.

I’ve been considered a “loner” for most of my life, but this is ridiculous even for me.

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Skin Care Series: Sebum

I have become obsessed with anything that will get the gunk out of my pores. By “gunk” I mean sebum. I can’t help it. I have tried almost everything under the sun. If I wasn’t having really good results from the peel-off masks I use, I would save up to get a pore vacuum. I actually got my sister a pore vacuum for Christmas because I remembered that she told me she gets a lot of adult acne and has problems with oil. I found a pretty decent one at a very reasonable price.

Sebum is an oily and sometimes waxy substance that is produced in the body’s sebaceous glands and excretes itself mainly around hair follicles. Sebum is what our bodies produce to help water-proof and moisturize our skin. These sebaceous glands include the areas of the face, neck, shoulders, chest and back.

Too little sebum production will result in dry skin.

Too much sebum production will result in oily skin and more breakouts than normal or normal to dry skin.

Sebum often gets mixed up with dead skin cells and other pollutants that fall into your pores. This mix-up is responsible for acne breakouts or “sebum plugs”.

The most common type of plugs are whiteheads and blackheads. Whiteheads occur when sebum completely blocks a hair follicle. Blackheads or “comedo’s” are caused by pores that are partially blocked by sebum. Air gets introduced into said pore, which causes the sebum to oxidize and turn a dark color. Keratin plugs are meant to look like sebum plugs, but this type of “skin plug” is caused by a certain protein that, for some reason, builds up around the hair follicle and causes a sebum plug. This type of sebum plug shows itself often as something called steatocystomas, because it is a plug that has encapsulated itself in said pore by the means of what is called a “sack”, which traps dead skin cells and grows big enough to the point where it becomes a bump on the skin. This type of cyst is usually small and can be easily removed by a dermatologist. It is not recommended that one should try to “pop” a steatocystoma at home, because it only empties the sack and leaves room for more dead skin cells to shed. The sack has to be completely removed in order to prevent a reoccurrence.

Sebum is often extracted by certain tools:

Comedone extractors are the most popular way of dealing with whiteheads and blackheads. Here are some instructions on how to use them:

Other common sebum extractors are things like nose, face strips, and peel-off masks. Charcoal is the most popular ingredient of not just a peel mask but other skincare products in general It has ancient purifying properties. It is an ingredient also used in medicinal overdoses as an expectorant.

I personally find charcoal masks too aggressive for my skin, so I use other peel-off masks. My favorites are by these holographic peel-off masks by the company Freeman’s:

Methods of Communication – My Research Paper

Emma's Hope Book

“To what extent is it possible to compare the ways in which methods of communication are being taught to autistic students who cannot use spoken language to communicate their complex ideas?”


Many autistic students cannot rely on spoken language to communicate their knowledge and ideas. Exactly how many is not known since autism organizations disagree. For example the Diagnostic Center of Central California states, “As many as 50% of individuals with autism are non-verbal and up to 80% are intellectually challenged.”1, while the National Autism Association reports, “About 40% of children with autism do not speak”2 and Autism Speaks weighs in with, “It is estimated that as many as 25% of individuals living with autism spectrum disorders are non-verbal.”3 “Nonverbal,” is an inaccurate term that implies the inability to speak at all, however it includes many who can and do speak words, but do not speak in ways that non-autistic people are able to understand. There is no term…

View original post 5,328 more words

How to Stay Sane(ish) During the Pandemic — The Autism Helper

If you are like our family, you are spending a lot more time at home together. (A LOT). As we try to adjust to the new abnormal, here are some things that might help you keep things feeling somewhat normal. Take Time for You As I was writing notes for this post, I put this one…

How to Stay Sane(ish) During the Pandemic — The Autism Helper

Skin Care Series: Rosacea

Rosacea is a condition that can happen to every skin color, man or woman. I inherited it from my mother, and I remember a black female classmate wound up getting rosacea back then (since black or brown skin cannot flush red, rosacea looks more like a combination of a rash with a cluster of pimples from what I remember).

This is a product that I discovered helped with acne and rosacea:

I have used this I think three times. It does have a sulfur smell so I would recommend applying this before bed. I put a small amount on all of the areas rosachea can appear: nose, cheeks, chin. You can also dab some on a pimple anywhere else, including neck chest, and back.

Jamaican Me Crazy Lilly!

If I did this on my Youtube channel, I’d be raked through the coals.

Did you know that Jamaica is one of the most homophobic countries in the world?

She helps brown women break through the glass ceiling only to pull this move?

Good job, Lilly.

I have watched many Youtube videos that Lilly has probably never watched and found out that her audience was full of paid viewers and that her laugh tracks from the audience are all pre-recorded. That isn’t comedy, that is agenda, and that makes me cringe. That is the first time I have ever used the word “cringe” in a review.

For me, this parody sums up her show the best:

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