Cosmetics Series: My Favorites: Foundation

I have more that I want to cover with the skin care series, but I want to talk about makeup as well. I have a decent collection myself, and I wanted to start this series with my favorites.

Favorite foundations:

MAC Face and Body

If you are as into makeup as I am, or if makeup is how you make your living, it should not be a surprise that this is at the top of my list of foundations. It gives a sheer coverage that you can build to a medium coverage. It also does not rub off on clothes, making it one of the most popular foundations to use on the body. It is a very liquid formula, and the bottle needs to be shaken before you use it. This is what I use when I want to take selfies when I experiment with makeup looks and I don’t need to go out after I finish, since it doesn’t have an SPF in it. SPF can make your face shiny in photos, so a foundation with no SPF helps me control the shine.

I usually just put some powder on my T zone and leave the rest of my face alone when I wear this if the humidity is bad. If you want a lighter foundation that won’t sweat onto your clothing, this is a safe bet.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation with SPF 50

This is expensive, but it is my favorite tinted moisturizer that actually covers like a foundation. I use this for when I am spending a few hours outdoors when it is sunny and I want to wear makeup with a strong SPF in it. IT Cosmetics also puts anti-aging ingredients into their products, and since I’m 38, that’s a great bonus for me. It is one of two tinted moisturizers that I use that does not make me break out.

Covergirl Smoothers Tinted Lightweight BB Cream

This is the first moisturizer that has SPF I have tried that does not make me breakout. I discovered it way back when I was around 20, and I go back to it over and over. If you are looking for a doupe to the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation tinted moisturizer, this is the closest you are going to get. You can build up the product to a light coverage, it is very moisturizing, has an SPF of 15, and it is what I use when I am out for a long period of time under the sun. I can apply it over and over and since I have rosecea, my cheeks can get pretty red under the sun, and it doesn’t make me break out when I have to reapply it while I am outside. If I am really “out there” under the sun doing anything that makes me sweaty, I use this because it is so cheap and I can use this with waterproof mascara (I also always curl my lashes), my eyebrow pencil, and some sort of lip balm with an SPF in it.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector Tinted Facial Moisturizer and Retinol Treatment with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen with Titanium Dioxide

This is something that I will mix with MAC Face and Body when I am going out and don’t want to wear too much foundation. The extra anti-aging skin care is a bonus.

Kat Von Dee Lock It Tattoo Foundation

This is a foundation that I purchased hoping it would be the best foundation for when it gets really humid during the summer months in New Jersey. It definitely is the most coverage I’ve seen from a foundation. I ordered a shade that was too dark for me and it does not have a SPF so I mix this with a lighter tinted moisturizer I found on Amazon: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42.

Skin Care Series

Since I turned 35 I have become obsessed with skin care. I forsake a lot of things in my life so that I can afford to buy the skin care products that keep me from having to get plastic surgery (although I will get my eyelids done when they become too droopy). I am always trying new products, but I have staple products that I cannot live without, which I am going to share with you in this post. To my male viewers, I suggest you try these products too. I know there are a lot of men who wear makeup, and my routine is great for helping out with makeup removal. I will be doing some posts on male skin care in the future.

I have very dry sensitive skin. Sometimes (especially in this CoVid winter) I have downright dehydrated skin due to winter weather and being inside with the heat always on. I will do research and help out those with different skin types in this series.

(I am a 38 year old Caucasian and these are products I keep in my routine. I will make posts to help out POC complexions and more mature complexions in the future. These staples are things that for the most part, in my own opinion, can work for all skin types.)

Katie’s Skin Care Staples:

1). Cleanser: Clinique Foaming Facial Wash: $22.50

I received this as a gift with purchase a few months ago and have been using it ever since. It is a “cream mousse cleanser” that is for combination to oily skin types, so using this helps me keep my nose from getting too oily. You only need a small, pea sized dab of it and it foams up on your face completely. It is pricier than the cheaper brands that I like, but because of the fact that a little goes a long way, I am going to be buying it for myself once I run out. It does not dry my skin because I do not feel any tightness after using it.

Skin Tip: Another great thing about it is that because it is a cream cleanser and has that “slip” (as MUA Lisa Eldgridge puts it), you can take a few minutes to give yourself a face massage twice a day, just from that small amount!

Another tip from Lisa: if you are wearing makeup, cleanse twice. Once to remove your makeup, and again to help clear out your pores. I do this with the Clinique face wash I mentioned and it really works.

2). Toner: THAYER’S alcohol-free Witch Hazel Toner

Travel size: around $3.99

Full size: around $10.99

A former Youtuber recommended using witch hazel as a toner in one of her videos, so I bought Thayer’s to give it a try (I am not interested in putting straight witch hazel on my face because she said it has an odor to it. I have bad allergies so I need the products I put on my face to have the least amount of odor or fragrance possible.). It comes in original, rosehip, cucumber, aloe vera, and unscented. I use the cucumber version because I have rosacea, and cucumber is the number one recommended holistic way to help with that condition. I highly recommend this toner. It is alcohol free so it won’t dry out your skin. I have noticed a reduction in break outs and when I do break out, I only get a small whitehead, where before I was using a salicylic acid cleanser that didn’t really do anything but irritate my skin. I tried the rose hip in the past, and I must say, neither one of those really have much of a scent. The cucumber one is also especially nice because it gives a cooling sensation as you wipe it on with a cotton ball.

Skin Tip: I have the small container of it because at the time I was on amazon to order it, that was the only size they had. I now get the big size (12 oz) and I use that to refill my smaller container. I like to have as many sample size product containers in my makeup bag as I can so I don’t have to worry if I have to pack for a vacation or if I’m spending the night at someone else’s place.

3). Hyaluronic acid

Senallis Cosmetics: $25.98

I first had heard about hyaluronic acid from a commercial Eva Longoria did for Loreal. Like I said, my skin can get dehydrated easily, and the benefits she listed in the commercial definitely piqued my interest.

This product is a total game changer for me. I now know that I do not have to worry about wrinkles as much as I used to because of this product. When I went out to buy it (on amazon because I wanted to get something that was recommended and/or popular) I got a random small bottle with a dropper. I started using it twice a day and my worries about dehydrated skin are gone completely, for the first time in my life. Ever since I started using it, I don’t have to slather myself with rich moisturizers that clogged my pores and caused me breakouts. I put it on right before I put on my tinted moisturizer or night cream, and my smoothness of my skin is notably different.

I order a 16oz bottle that comes with a smaller 2oz bottle with a dropper. I refill that bottle the same way I refill my toner and stick it in my skin care bag.

4) Moisturizer: (I have very dry skin, and will include alternatives for those with different skin types and POC in future posts.)

Right now, I am in the middle of finding out what the perfect day and night moisturizer is going to help me.

Day: After I have cleansed, toned, and applied my hyaluronic acid, I apply a tinted moisturizer with a SPF in it. I used Cover Girl tinted moisturizer in my teens and early 30’s. Early 30’s until about 37 I used Philosophy’s tinted moisturizer, but unfortunately that has been discontinued. Right now I use IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation with SPF 50 ($39.50) in their lightest shade.

It is the most expensive tinted moisturizer I have ever bought, but the coverage is just what I need. I haven’t worn foundation since I started using it, I use just this and concealer as needed.) Because my skin is very dry, I do not need to powder it. It also covers my rosacea just enough so that I look like I am wearing blush, which is a nice bonus. I am liking IT Cosmetics because the put anti-aging ingredients in all of their products.

Unfortunately, there are days (especially winter days) where my tinted moisturizer is not enough. I am on the lookout for a day cream that works for me and will update this when I have found something I like.

Night: Night cream gets tricky. I was planning on using Oil of Olay 7 in 1 night cream, but I am allergic to the fragrance. I use Neutrogena’s Light Nighttime moisturizer for now, but I am on the lookout for something more potent. If you have any suggestions, comment below! I wanted to use Meaningful Beauty’s NIght Cream/Serum but it is too expensive for me. I have been putting it on my neck and chest every night and it looks like I will be emptying it withing two weeks or so. I have my sights set on Philosophy’s Renewed Hope in a Jar NIght Cream at the moment. I will be purchasing this at the beginning of January and will update this once I have been using it for a month.

5). Eye Cream: Clinique All About Eyes Rich (1 oz) $56.00

I have tried a couple of eye creams, but this is the first one that has really made a difference. I have been using this for almost two months and I have seen improvement under my eyes. It is expensive, but a little of it goes a long way, so I will update with my thoughts once I have the empty.

6). Eye Makeup Remover: Bioderma Micellar Water

Small: $4.99

Large: $14.90

I again bought the small bottle so that I could refill it with the large bottle as needed. I split a cotton pad in two, place them over my eyes, and gently press the pad into my eyes and lashes to break up the makeup. If I still have makeup after that, I use a cotton bud and gently rub the makeup off with that. It never irritates my eyes.

That’s it for now! I will be back with my what face masks I like and am currently using.

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