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I am simply the messenger. Shoot me if you want to, I could care less.

Re: #WOACB @woacbofficial and Her Recent Behavior Towards Her Fans:

I am using my own platform instead of KJ’s as a means to relate to KJ in regards to the anniversary of when her son almost died.

The fact that she wanted that one story and that one day to be about her of course seems very harsh, but I get it. Reliving a memory that generates PTSD makes you act differently, and sometimes people lash out. That does not make her a bad person and it does not mean she is necessarily “sadfishing” or being ungrateful to her fans. When you are talking about something painful, sometimes manners go out the window. Again, this does not make her a bad person.

I can relate to what she is going through because I know what it is like to see your parents be scared shitless over the fact that they are watching their own child die before their very eyes, because when I was 17, I was that child that was dying. Long story short, I know what she’s going through: when you have a kid that was on death’s door and you realize you have reached a milestone that is another year that they are still alive, the trauma is fresh in your mind and sometimes manners again go out the window.

All I asked was for ONE cease-fire against KJ for one fucking day, and a lot of you content creators couldn’t even do that for her. Instead you raked her over the coals because according to you she’s a bully and she deserves it. One of you even had the balls to accuse KJ of being a compulsive liar that day.

Keemstar wasn’t even heartless enough to decide to kick her while she was down, and I know that for a fact, because I checked.

I could give a shit less if my opinion and the way I feel about how people treated her that day alienates me from the commentary community.

This is one instance where you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Katie Joy #WOACB @woacbofficial in big trouble because of THIS! EXCLUSIVE!!

Unlike some people, I don’t capitalize off of another person’s legit reason to be depressed over the anniversary of something traumatic that happened to them. To everyone who IS: for shame.

Katie Joy and the Karen Apocalypse

Katie Joy’s shenanigans give me flashbacks to all of the Myspace bloggers and their pathetic attention whoring behavior I had to deal with from a group of bitter pedantic hags who were knee deep in a midlife crisis, smoking a bowl of weed or downing the giggle water, desperate to take their wrath out on anyone over the fact that they have lost their minds realizing they peaked in high school. Or as a writer, peaked on Myspace.

They are dinosaurs shifted and dusted from the rubble of that clusterf*ck of a social network. So many writers that had potential but were too chicken sh*t to stick their neck out and try to get paid for their writing like I did. I’ll be damned if all of my best content was going to be going down with that Titanic failure. I came, I saw, I conquered, and unlike some people, I moved on.

I share this “tea” with you because there is nothing under the sun anyone can come up with that I have not already seen insofar as internet publicity stunts *cough*Gabbie Hannah*cough* go. It has all be done by either a troll like me or Tila Tequila. Trish Paytas wouldn’t even exist if Tila had not paved the path for future publicity whores like her. We did it for the lulz. This next generation has replaced “lulz” with “memes”. It’s still the same troll product, just packaged under a different name. It isn’t even up for debate the way Taylor Ham and porkroll are, and that is a debate that has lived on since the year 1856.

Listening to your elders is a good thing. Always remember that.

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