@trishapaytas Shut Up Already

So you were friends with someone for a long time and they were talking shit about you behind your back for the duration of your friendship. If you had any sense in your head you would know that someone like Shane Dawson, who talks shit about everyone behind their backs, means that they are talking about YOU too. It is just a given.

Make one statement regarding how you feel about breaking up with a friend and let it freakin’ go already. You don’t see me making endless blog posts about somebody I thought was a friend turning on me, and I have an actual diagnosed mental illness that has left me too disabled to work a regular 9-5 job or a lot of the times makes everyday mundane tasks like cleaning a room feel like a Herculean effort, unlike you with your fake multiple personality crap. I take my meds, I talk to my therapist once a week, I try to at the very least to do all of the chores my parents ask me to do around the house while being a single mother to a nonverbal kid who has not been paid a lick of child support. I have to do unconventional things to make money for myself because even though I don’t have a “real job”, you are never ever going to catch me mooching or stealing off of any of my family members or anybody I consider a friend. Yes I would love if people donated to my blog all the time or that I could get bigger tips or that I could get more steady freelance work during this God-awful pandemic, but you don’t see me whining about it as much as you whine about Shane being two-faced.

I will always find my own way of making money first before I ever become dependent on a family member or a loved one to pay for all my expenses. Whatever money I get is in good faith and I’m not afraid to even donate a couple of bucks here and there. My life does not revolve around money, but clearly yours does.

If I can manage to shut up about the end of a friendship and move on, you can too.

@trishapaytas IS NOT the Same as @shanedawson When it Comes to THIS (with Receipts)

When is the last time we saw Trisha go to this extent about pedophilia? When is the last time we saw Trisha pretend to masturbate to the poster of an underage child? She does not have the same consistent behavior when it comes to this particular subject. Demonitize Trisha for being too problematic, not because of her non-existent constant pedo jokes.

Your Abuser Wants You to Fail. They Feed Off of Your Misery.

If I have to chose between Shane Dawson and Franchesca Ramsey, I am choosing Fran.

If I have to chose between Rachel Oates and her ex boyfriend, I am choosing Rachel.

If I have to chose between Megan Tonjes and her attacker, I am choosing Megan.

If I have to chose between Angelina from Jersey Shore and the people who assaulted her at her job, I am choosing Angelina.

If I have to chose between Rhianna and Chris Brown, I am choosing Rhianna.

If I have to chose between Rose McGowan and Harvey Weinstein, I am choosing Rose.

If I have to chose between Matthew Santoro and Nicole Arbour, I am choosing Matthew.

If I have to chose between my ex best friend and the monsters that were her co-workers who sexually harassed her the entire time they knew her younger sister was about to go through open heart surgery, I’m picking my ex best friend.

If I have to chose between my ex boyfriend and the women who constantly sexually harassed him during the entire time he was in the same 0utpatient therapy program up until I joined, confronted them and put a stop to it, wild guess as to whom I am choosing.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I am speaking only for myself as a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Here are some domestic violence and sexual assault sites to check out:




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